Important Facts about Floods and Flood Insurance

The number of floods hit a rise in the previous year, and it has the importance of communities to know about this natural disaster and what they can do to prevent devastation after it is over. While a large part of a state can be affected by a hurricane or flood, the Federal Disaster Assistance has listed designated areas that can be compensated through flood insurance.

Unless a community is not listed as a Federal Disaster Area, families and individuals who reside there are not entitled to any compensation whether they are homeowners or pay rent. While people living in flood-prone areas are entitled to rehabilitation for the effects of the flood, homeowners are required to buy another policy if they which to retrieve coverage for their homes.

Awareness programs about safety in areas affected by a flood state that people walking in streets where flood water is flowing should be cautious since an average of 6 inches is deep enough to make them fall over if they aren’t careful. Unfortunately, this height of the water is also high enough to touch the bottom of parked cars, and this can damage or stall the engine.

While this can be an awful experience for car owners, unfortunately, flood insurance doesn’t cover automobiles or their respective parts, no matter if they are parked in a public place or the owner’s garage. Families who are escaping from the premises of an area affected by flood should be careful of cars floating because 12 to 24 inches of flowing water as a result of floods can cause them to do so.

Due to the rise in temperatures, it’s possible that heavy rainfall and resulting floods can occur anytime. Hence, residents of communities that are prone to floods should remain prepared for such an incident. This requires them to save up certain items that are crucial for survival such as torches, batteries, first-aid kits, water and of course, non-perishable edibles. If you or someone from your family lives in a Federal Disaster Area, can offer more advice and information on how to be prepared.