Squeeze More Space Out Of Your Bathroom With An Attractive Vanity

Sharing your bathroom with your significant other can be quite the game changer. If you’re moving in with each other for the first time, prepare for some surprises and, more importantly, prepare to find a way to compromise. Even if you’ve been living together for years now and you’re looking for your first home, or a new one, making a few decisions about your bathroom furnishings can spare you a lot of conflict down the road.

The Beauty of the Double Bathroom Vanity

Whether you’re shopping for a new home or planning some renovations, consider a double bathroom vanity. If you’re both scrambling to get out the door by quarter to eight, there’s a good chance you may have no choice but to be in there simultaneously. You can find fantastic new bathroom vanities online if you’re doing a renovation and looking to save some money.

A double bathroom vanity will double your storage and give you two sinks. It may be the only way to keep the peace in your home if both you and your significant other are on a similar schedule with only one bathroom.

A Place for Everything in the Bathroom Vanity

And everything in its place. Keeping your toiletries scattered around the bathroom is a recipe for driving your significant other crazy. Make sure everything has its place in your bathroom vanity (a double bathroom vanity will help make sure there’s actually room for everything) and put everything back when you’re finished. You can use woven baskets of various sizes for towels, cosmetics, deodorant, razors, hair dryers, soaps, creams, and more.

For the sake of bathroom peace, give your partner some benefit of the doubt. Usually bathroom chaos is a shared responsibility, so be lenient with each other on those days when you’re scrambling to get to work on time or you forgot about Daylight Savings Time. Make sure your bathroom expectations are clearly communicated but be generous with each other.

Keep Cleaning Supplies in the Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom cleaning is a contentious issue in just about every household. Without regular cleaning, things can get grimy fast. List all of the weekly chores you have to do to keep the bathroom tidy (cleaning the sink and toilet, scrubbing the bathtub, wiping the mirrors, unclogging drains) and rotate them. That way you share an equal load.

It’s also a good idea to keep bathroom cleaning supplies stored in the bathroom. When you’re in the bathroom in the morning, you’re more likely to do a quick clean up if you’ve got everything you need stored in the bathroom vanity.

Bathroom peace is possible if you prepare for it.  Make sure your expectations are clear and if your partner is more sensitive to bathroom practices, respect their wishes. Invest in a double bathroom vanity or any other storage solution that makes life easier for the two of you. Don’t let the bathroom create a wedge in your relationship.